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Assam is the state with second largest Muslim population in India. It has a web of Islamic seminaries in some parts of the state which came into existence by the efforts made by scholars and philanthropists. Their aims and objectives are not only to set up madrasas but also to see how the various segments of the system education, teachers’ training and administrative work can be streamlined and upgraded. Despite unceasing efforts, the expected results are not forthcoming. Foreseeing the need to harmonise the works of the various madrasas and makatibs, a board for Madaris-e-Islamiya was set up in 1955 as a unitary movement to be used to safeguard Islamic values and traditions. Some of its main aims were also to bring unanimity in achieving its goals such as to wrestle with mischief and storms which rise from time to time against Islam, to give a calibrated response to day-to-day challenges and to encourage the madrasas to work with mutual cooperation. Initially its activities were confined to southern parts of Nagaon. Slowly its benefits and effects seemed to be widened.
Hence in 1984 it was extended and renamed as All Assam Tanzim Madaris-e-Qaumiya Board on the insistence by some members. A substantial number of madrasas have harmonised their working with the rules and regulations and policies of the board.

By the grace of Allah the board has geared itself to work in the light of following aims and objectives.

1. To conserve and preserve Islam and to spread its ideology to the far ends of the world as possible enrich the children with Islamic science and knowledge.
2. To provide an up-to-date syllabus as required today and to implement them in madrasas.
3. To hold competitive programmes on different topics to enhance the creative bent of students and to motivate them.
4. To train the fresh Islamic graduates in writing and translation skills, as national and international, and to equip them with necessary sophisticated equipment like computer etc.
5. To combat the misconceptions and misinterpretations spread against Islam and madrasas.
6. To conduct combined exams for academic progress in madrasas.
7. To create a peaceful environment through Madrasas and its teachings in each & every corner of the entire glove.

Academic activities and programmes

(1) Academic Inspection (2) Teacher Training {primary and secondary education} (3) Upgrading Teacher Skills (4) Scholarship Exam (5) Academic tour (6) Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Ali Competitive Exam for eligibility growth (7) Hazrat Shaikhul Islam Tashih-e-Qur’an project (e.g. correcting pronunciation and accent as well as phonetics while reading the Qur’an) (8) Competitive exam for glorious Qur’an (9) Interpretation Training Centre (10) Reawakening (Renovation) of Madrasas (11) Undertaking Religious Regulations (12) Departments of Researching and Analyzing (13) Meetings and Talks (14) Future Plans