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All praises to Almighty Allah who blessed us with the service of the Madrasas, the greatest conservators and savors of IMAN and ISLAM, Who bestowed upon us ‘HIDAYAH’ to enlighten our lives and progress in the ever admired path of righteousness. Since the time of the prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) ‘Ashab-e-Suffah’ has been originated to conserve and spread ISLAM. It is well known to the historians and chronicle writers that 1200 Ah corresponding 1800 CE was the period of degradation of Muslim political power in India as well as the Muslim society. During that period Muslims, in general had become disheartened. At this hour of desperation and nihilism, a multidimensional personality had dawned from Indian horizon. He was none other than ‘Hazrat Shah Waliullah Mahaddis-e-Dehlavi’, who was well equipped with unparalleled knowledge, gifted experience and Charismatic brilliance of moral values and Herculean will power. He elucidated the cause of overall downfall of the Muslims in India. As per the analysis, the political downfall was due to economic disorder and religious as well as behavioral downfall was due to the deaf ear turned by the Muslims towards the religious teachings. This towering personality started a mission to eradicate the causes of this downfall.
He was then replaced by his able and worthy Shabzada Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz (rh) who devoted his whole life and sacrificed his own self for the cause of upbringing and activating the mission set to motion by his reverend father. Due to his selfless devotion and unceasing toil and efforts the plant his father planted was grown into a Mega tree and the fruits of which have appeared allover India as Madaris-e-Qaumiya.
They have been established to conserve and preserve Islam and to spread its ideology with Islamic science and knowledge through out the world to produce such persons who could combat the misconceptions and misinterpretations spread against Islam and the madrasas and eradicate the forces hostile to Islam and could ably handle the bridge with the leadership of the nation. Hence to achieve these aims & objectives the bellow said Board was constituted.